Ways not to feel burnt out


I have always been a big advocate of hard work, hard work that gets you to big places and hard work that means success. Yes, it is true but getting carried away with ‘hard work’ is and won’t lead to sustainable healthy habits. Feeling burnt out and living with unhealthy habits such as not sleeping enough won’t help you in the long term. I talk from experience. From a young age I was always taught to work hard, and I have always been a high achiever at school, yes, I am one of those ambitious young women. Recently I moved to London to start an internship, so yes, I felt such a pressure to literally say yes to everything, do everything… In my attempts to love myself and incorporate as much self-care into my everyday life as possible, here as some of my tips to prevent some pitfalls that can lead to burn outs.

Saying NO

Probably a super obvious one but saying no can is the most powerful thing to do. Perhaps you feel tired and can’t stay late at work, that’s okay, so No. Or you feel like you are being given to much work say No. As a young millennial first starting work, it can feel like such a big pressure since you somehow feel you have something to prove.

Staying Late

Firstly, I work within architecture I know all about late nights. Part of my degree and job I understand that there are time that I do have to stay late to complete a project, I think that is absolutely fine every so often but when this becomes a regular habit that it starts to affect your overall health this is when you need to rethink and take a step back. Its important to work hard but only within your own limits that won’t affect your health.

Holiday time and sick days

Part of me always felt so guilty when taking time off work, I am the kind of person that will literally solder on, I will just keep on going and going..until I collapse. This is something I am working on. Take time to tend to your own needs, it will help you keep going.