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The Potential Corporate


I’m an entrepreneur, photographer and fashion writer. My website, was a way to come to terms with starting my own tech company in Australia after graduation. Needing a creative outlet, I pursued a longstanding passion of mine that was fashion photography with initial interests in underwater photography and now videography.

The global fashion industry has always been a mystery to me, what with its politics and hierarchal system slightly dampened with the onset of the Internet and Social Media. And it seemed like a great idea at the time to explore more about the fashion industry from a more commercial or economy based standpoint, which slowly evolved to include some of my visual experiments as well. With the pervasiveness of technology in fashion, I hope that these existing synergies within the industry could be a mouthpiece for something greater, to spread a message of positivity and innovation that transcends all genders, race and religion.

Images with thanks too Nicole Fang (@fangnicole)