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Space Age


Holding this huge pot of glitter near to my face I attempt to draw a perfect line on my lower eyes, tracing my eyeline. I am near the end and so close to the perfect glittery line running across my face that my phone ‘pings’ ! Damn it. Halloween, known as that time of your where as a girl you can get away with basically applying so much make up onto your face, most people won’t be able to recognise you (most of the time). I am not normally one to make a huge effort for this time of year but I thought you know what this is the year where, yes I may just plan this out. Lo and behold I present to you the Majestigal alien. This creature is a very unique one, she only glows at night and her main diet consists of pots of glitter. Now on a more serious not, I had a bit of a crisis finding an outfit in amidst all my university deadlines, chocolate binges and lack of sleep. Leaving things way to last minute and finding out I ordered the 4 day delivery instead of the next day delivery I was left feeling well.. a bit of a mess. But lucky Nasty Gal as probably the speediest online delivery service I have experience. So here was my golden parcel waiting at the door outside my house, perhaps it was luck, fate, carma, whatever you name it and the Majestigal alien was born…

Melissa Wears all Nasty Gal