Dealing with the Unknown


 We all have periods on our lives of uncertainty, we don’t know quite what is coming up next, what job we may have or where we will live. Uncertainty can be really hard to cope with and it has been someone I have recently been going through in my move up to London. I personally get really really anxious with not knowing or having a solid plan for something coming up. I guess I love to feel organised and plan out most things, thats just the sort of person I am. So when this plan falls through or something doesn’t workout the way I wished it can be really hard to cope with. 


With feeling anxious I find I often don’t sleep, eat or look after myself properly because my mind is just so focused on what is ahead, I often feel a need to overthink the future and find other solutions when things don’t work out the way they were meant too. It can be really hard to ‘switch off’ your mind and stop it literally going into overdrive. There are a few tips that have really helped me in the past with scenarios like this that may help you:

1. Don’t be afraid to switch off: By this I mean switch off from social media, technology or whatever is causing you to be anxious. I personally find switching off my phone and perhaps just reading a really positive book can be really helpful.

2. Learning not to give a f**k: Literally I have just finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k” by Sarah Knight! What an inspiring book, please read it. I think its really great what Sarah says in this book, for me I find it so usefully having a list of f**k’s I do give and f**ks I don’t give. If your an over-thinker like me, learn sometimes not to give a f**k if that plan doesn’t happen or your future may be uncertain.

3. Practise self-care: In periods of uncertainty, self care can literally go down the drain right? We end up not sleeping and taking proper care of ourselves because that problem is far more important then not taking care of ourselves?! WRONG, we are number one priority, that problem is second! Along side switching off, take just a few moments of your day for yourself. Make this your priority.

4. Go with the flow: Often when we go through a situation that means our future is uncertain we have a huge urge to try to resolve it, which can literally completely back fire on ourselves and we can make the problem so much worse? I find this a lot. I get such a need to solve the situation that I am in I just end up making it worse. What I am trying to learn is just to go with the flow, have an inner peace and love of life everyday that no matter what will happen I know I will be happy within myself. Yes Inner Zen Queen.


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