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Bartleby Objects


Bartleby Objects is a multi-disciplinary design studio, making objects of use for the home and individual.  With an eclectic collection that ranges from slab-milled walnut cutting boards to hand-stitched attaché bags, the New York-based design studio offers specific set of solutions to make daily life a little sweeter, and a little easier. The studio’s owner, designer, and leatherworker, Mary L Chan had a peripatetic upbringing, and she brings these multi-faceted perspectives to her work.  Originally from Malaysia, Mary was raised in Hong Kong and Singapore, studied English Literature & Women’s Studies in Edinburgh and New York, then Interior Design at Parsons in New York City. 

  The collection views objects as a cultural artifact – how it was made, styled, and functions speaks to an ethos and set of values.  With this social aspect of fashion and design in mind, the line attempts to seamlessly bind cultures, techniques, and forms in a way that makes each style feel simultaneously familiar and new.    Ultimately, Gratz Pouch as a clip-on pocket that can be added to any bag, belt loop, or carried on its own.  This style embodies the collection perfectly in functionality, the play in proportions, the saddle stitching details and nuanced colourway that gets better with age and use.

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Photography by Melissa Dewar