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Another Minimalist


We sit down and talk to Instagram star Sina alyssa about all things minimal and style related...

1. Hi there Sina, hope you are well, please start by introducing yourself?

 Hey, my name is Sina and I'm a 23 year old girl from Germany. I currently studyInternational Retail Management and work part time as a Social Media Manager.

2. First of all you have a wonderful Instagram page, what inspired you to start sharing your style?

 Thank you so much! I have always been interested in fashion but when I first started Instagram I was just sharing random moments from my life. Then years later when I lived in New York for a while my friends and I went to some Fashion Week events in the city and the bloggers there really inspired me to also focusmy instagram a little more on fashion.

3. What it is about minimalism that you particularly like?

 I like the simplicity of minimalism. You don't need a lot of material things to be happy. When I go shopping Iprefer focusing on a few things that I really like rather than buying a lot of trendy things that I will end up only wearing for a season.

4. Name 3 fashion brands you are loving right now?

 I really like & other stories, acne studios and storets.

5. How does social media inspire you and your style?

 I find that social media doesn't inspire my style as much as it does my wanderlust. It's much more often that I'm scrolling through instagram and see travel destinations that I really wanna visit one day than anything else.

6. Currently blogging and social media are super competitive, how do you try to stand out and make your content unique?

 I don't really see blogging as a competition. I just share what I like and try to not let the whole social media world influence me too much.  I find that consistency in your style and simply being yourself is key.

7. What advise would you give to other bloggers and name 3 Instagram accounts you love?

 I would tell them to keep things honest and genuine.  Only work with brands that you really believe in and don't follow the crowd too much. It's so hard to pick 3 accounts when there's so many inspirational bloggers but I think the accounts that I visit the most are: mija_mija, oraclefox and jimsandkittys.

8. Tell us your hopes and dreams for the future?

 Besides the typical dreams of a long, healthy and well-traveled life, I hope that once I finish school I will be able to focus more on blogging and actually start my own professional blog where I share fashion and lifestyle inspiration but also write about other things that interest and move me like feminist issues.

Special thanks to Sina Alyssa from (@anotherminimalist). Interview by Melissa Dewar