How to spent your weekends in London

… Ahh the weekends, since I have been interning in London I have valued my weekends so much more and have been mastering the art of making my weekends the most relaxing and fun to get me in the right mindset for the week ahead at work. I try to encourporate as many things I love into the weekend. I also make a real effort to tune out of social media and read a book or go for a coffee …

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Paris Weekend Travel Guide

… Ahhh Paris, my favourite city in the world. It has been my dream for so long to visit this magical place.. and well finally for my 21st birthday I packed my bags and headed out to Paree. A weekend filled with baguettes, beautiful architecture, vintage shops and all things Parisian we managed to fit in a huge amount. In a city like Paris it can be so hard to choose what to see especially as time is not unlimited. So here is my list of recommended places you have to try if you find yourself in Paris …