The Journal, Personal Style

Space Age

Holding this huge pot of glitter near to my face I attempt to draw a perfect line on my lower eyes, tracing my eyeline. I am near the end and so close to the perfect glittery line running across my face that my phone ‘pings’ ! Damn it. Halloween, known as that time of your where as a girl you can get away with basically applying so much make up onto your face, most people won’t be able to recognise you (most of the time)... 

The Journal, Fashion

Roksanda Pre-Fall 2015

... The Roksanda fashion house has evolved an unmistakable woman-centered design aesthetic. Sophisticated and feminine yet playful and effortless, its iconic ready-to-wear and accessories are instantly recognisable to the burgeoning community of international customers who enjoy them for their contemporary distinct impact and enduring appeal ...

The Journal, Artist


.. Léa Fernandez is a Designer based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from Masters of Architecture and explores ideas of nature, textures and senses through Architecture, Design, Jewellery and Art. Born in Avignon, a small city in the South of France, Léa moved to Sydney 10 years ago.