Majestigal founded in 2016 by MelissaDewar is a magazine style blog that isaimed at empowering your modern woman.An online space that acts as a safe havenfor girls to feel celebrated for theirunique qualities. We aim to inspire andmotivate through the content we create.Our ethos is unapologetic as we want toencourage a shame free zone where womencan talk openly about without being judged.


Since being founded in 2016 Majestigal has appeared in Vogue, Elle, Hello and New York Times Magazine. With a number of collaborations from brands such as The Frankie Shop, C/MEO Collective and Herbivore Botanicals, our content continues to push the boundaries of creativity. Topics covered ranges from Wellness, Lifestyle, Architecture and Fashion. Ultimately we want to stimulate positive action and drive through our digital content.



Melissa Dewar


Melissa is a Graphic Designer and Part I Architect based in London. She feels passionate about living a positive lifestyle and wants to inspire others through her creative work and visual aesthetics. Be sure to follow Melissa’s own personal work here