A Magazine style blog that celebrates unique style and embraces modern quirkiness. A space that acts as a safe heaven for all women to feel celebrated for their individual qualities. These qualities we name ‘Majestic’ as we believe being different is the new beauty, the new normal. Our aim is to deconstruct societies view of ‘being normal’ hence empowering women through self expression.

Content covered topics including fashion,personal style,design,art and architecture.  All content is specially curated specifically to meet the daily need of our audience. Unlike other blogs out there, content is crafted with dedication. With aims of delivering the highest quality of graphical imagery. The distinct magazine like feel of the website augments our ethos and enhances our user experience. With every post we want our readers to feel ‘Majestic’.



The Majestigal

“ The Majestigal a quirky and modern woman who at times feels like she doesnt fit into society. Her style and character is only appreciated by a certain breed of youth. She is a curious creature and is inspired my many things around her. Fashion is her creative outlet and her way of feeling confident, beautiful and accepted “



Melissa is a creative director, visual artist, stylist, photographer and image maker in London








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